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Tandez Academy of Martial Arts, Bruce Lee, JKD, Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Wing Chun Kung Fu
Tandez Academy of Martial Arts, Bruce Lee, JKD, Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Wing Chun Kung Fu


Tandez Academy of Martial Arts
1931 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View, CA 94043
408 373 0204

Birthday Parties
& Event Hosting

We are available to host birthday parties & special events at our Academy. We've been hosting birthday parties for almost ten years. Our creative team of artists can help you throw the perfect party. We offer 

children's birthday parties as well as adult-age birthday partiesWe can 

provide all kinds of training, lessons, party favorsand fun games. Whether it's for a child's 1st birthday party or for a young teen's 17th birthday party, we can help you create that unique theme that will make this day extra special. 

Let us help you plan your winning party! 

Please answer the questions below before you contact us:

Set the Scene

  1. Who is the party for?
  2. Gender?
  3. Birth date?
  4. Date of party? 

Choose a Theme

  1. Gender?
  2. Age?
  3. Theme Ideas?
  4. Popular Themes We've Done Before
    1. Star Wars
    2. The Avengers
    3. Disney
    4. Captain America
    5. Bruce Lee
    6. Chinese Kung Fu
    7. Dragons
    8. Kickboxing
    9. Boxing
    10. Ninjas
    11. Hawaiian Luau
    12. Filipino Martial Arts

We're open to ideas or themes you may have (we can't guarantee we can do
every theme, but we'll try).  Our team of creative experts will figure it out. We are available to host birthday parties on Saturday afternoons or evenings (No Sundays). We do require a minimum 30 day advance notice prior to booking the party, but the sooner the better because our available times are limited.
Call us at 408 373 0204 or email us at 
to discuss your party plans! We're here to help you make your dream birthday come true!