boxing, kickboxing, self defense, jeet kune do, jkd, fitness, women's self defense, martial arts, kung fu, karate
boxing, kickboxing, self defense, jeet kune do, jkd, fitness, women's self defense, martial arts, kung fu, karate
boxing, kickboxing, self defense, jeet kune do, jkd, fitness, women's self defense, martial arts, kung fu, karate
boxing, kickboxing, self defense, jeet kune do, jkd, fitness, women's self defense, martial arts, kung fu, karate


Tandez Academy of Martial Arts

1931 Old Middlefield Way, Unit C

Mountain View, CA 94043
408 373 0204



I really enjoyed the classes at Tandez. You can tell right away its a top notch school, right when you walk in the door. One word to describe it: amazing. The facility is clean, well-lit, and well-organized. The instructors are very helpful and very patient with the new students. One instructor was assigned to help me the whole time. They showed great customer service, always with a smile. There was a positive vibe all throughout. The classes were exciting and high energy. Upbeat music was playing the whole time. I really worked up a sweat with the kickboxing class! I haven't worked out this hard since high school!
- Pamela L., Mountain View, CA

After searching around at other studios I met Sifu Adrian Tandez and knew I had found the right place. He teaches JKD, FMA, CSW and Silat...the environment is relaxed but focused and everyone helps each other to become a better practitioner of the arts. The students will even meet up out of class to hang out or practice. It's truly a great place and I am very happy I found it.

- Adam V., San Francisco, CA

I bought a Yelp deal a year and a half ago for my boyfriend.  Ever since that first month he has been hooked.  First, it was a great gift, second it has done wonders for him.  He not only feels more fit and energized, he seems more balanced and at peace. After seeing what a good effect these classes had on my boyfriend, I decided to go and sit in on a class.  All of the students were friendly, yet focused.  They seem to be creating more of a family than a school.  Their Sifu is VERY talented, calm, friendly, and attentive.  No matter how many students are there, he seems to be aware of what each student needs individually. He and his wife have created a truly amazing academy.
- Erin B., San Francisco, CA
I researched martial arts for several months before picking Bruce Lee's JKD.  The problem was finding an instructor that could teach it!  I didn't want a fly by night school. I wanted someone who could trace his lineage back to Bruce Lee.
I definitely got what I wanted in Adrian Tandez.  He instructs his students in both the physical AND mental aspects of art and fighting so that you not only know what to do, why you are doing it.  
The best part?  You don't have to wait years before you are exposed to safe, practical self defense. I am not the greatest martial artist, but I am so thankful I am able to attend this academy.
- Raymond M., Mountain View, CA
Martial arts has been a apart of my life for almost 20 years. I came upon information on the martial arts that was used in "The Bourne Identity"....the fact that it was a mix of Filipino martial arts and Jeet Kune Do. I searched high and low and found a school. During my visit I got to see the Filipino martial arts and Jeet Kune Do class. 
Listening to the instructor, I could tell he knew what he was talking about...he wasn't teaching a bunch of random martial arts. After a discussion with the instructor,  I was sold on taking classes here. The Filipino martial arts class teaches you to use anything at your disposal... it's catered to realistic self defense. On the street you are likely to come across a person that wants to hurt you with an object, like a knife. In a typical gym you are taught to block the attack. CAN'T block a knife. Even blocking the hand holding the knife does't remove the danger of it cutting you. As far as the Jeet Kune Do class. The art was created by the most famous martial artist. Its a mix of everything that works. With a philosophy of a constant change. Un-predictable attacks while outsmarting your opponent. Know everything about all other martial arts while others only know about themselves. Taking the best of all martial arts... Its quick and practical. So if you are looking for a practical martial arts for self defense that gives you everything and the kitchen sink, then stop by and try out both classes. 
- Jason J., Milpitas, CA
I was really impressed with Sifu Adrian's level of expertise when I took his Self Defense seminar. The instruction of the seminar was very organized and informative, including a brief history of martial arts for us beginners.  Initially, I was wondering how he could fill 4 hours, but there was no lag at all -- covering escape, submission, and pinning maneuvers.  I wish I was able to pick up the moves as easily as others, but some maneuvers had a lot of steps to it but still seemed doable for a non-active chica like myself. It was a lot of information. That said, I feel I've retained enough information to allow me to defend myself if I need it. Thanks!
- Melinda Y., San Leandro, CA
The members of my mom's group were fortunate to be able to take Sifu Adrian's Child Safety Workshop.  The workshop was enlightening and empowering and went above and beyond my expectations.  Sifu started out by relating news stories of children who'd fallen victim to stranger violence, and gave tips on how to be more aware of one's surroundings.  We then began the physical training aspect of the workshop.  Sifu went over stances and techniques that would help deter and disarm attackers.  He was patient and kind (and even humorous!), and gave us pointers and advice on how to do techniques correctly (and without harm to ourselves).  He encouraged questions and demonstrated the moves.  It was encouraging to see all of us really getting into the techniques and practicing them with gusto.  As a woman and mother, it is important for me to feel like I have the skills to not only protect myself, but my child as well.  After taking this course, I feel much more confident that, given the situation, I will be able to do this successfully. 
- Jilly B., San Jose, CA
What I love best about this place is that its not the "you will get a black belt in six months" type of place. Sifu Adrian's style of teaching is encouraging and informative. His experience and ability to convey it through actions and speech, plus seeing the level of proficiency and character of his advanced students, only reinforce that I came to the right place for learning these arts. (I've searched long and hard). I also love that the class schedule includes noon classes as well as evening classes. Sifu Adrian's flexibility with my schedule is also a plus considering my hectic work schedule.
- Erick H., Newark, CA
Sifu Adrian Tandez and the Tandez Academy of Martial Arts meet the highest standards of expert, intense, welcoming, good-humored martial arts instruction. From my first day there - when Sifu Adrian displayed obvious interest in getting to know something about a prospective student before he graciously took the time to give me a running commentary on what he was having the class do - I have felt comfortable, welcomed and confident in the expertise on offer.  Sifu Adrian was very interested in giving me every opportunity and resource necessary to form a full impression of TAMA. No rushing me to signing a contract, just open, welcoming enthusiasm. The school is everything that I was looking for in a martial arts school and I have enthusiastically related my experiences there to friends who also became students at TAMA.
- Andan L., Campbell, CA
Took the JKD introductory class and was completely unprepared for the warm up.  A big part of JKD is conditioning.  The students are really friendly, and the more advanced students work with newbies to get them through the training.  Since joining the school, I've also started attending the Filipino MA classes, which start out with weapons and advance into open hand techniques.  No two classes are alike, sometimes the conditioning rolls into the meat of the class.  It's a fun and encouraging learning environment that's definitely street oriented.  Sifu Adrian is so relaxed and confident in how he teaches the different techniques, it gives you more confidence and makes you want to improve.  Top notch learning environment.
- Cameron S., Campbell, CA
What attracted me to this academy besides Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts is the philosophy.  JKD teaches you to be adaptable and evolve both in skills and as a person.  You'll never know what may happen in a fight and it is an advantage to know what to do in different scenarios. The academy also teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Silat. Women often fall victim and become prey. This doesn't have to be the case and you can change that.  I would say the academy has prepared me and continues to prepare me for worst case scenarios, to defend myself regardless of my size, gender, and capabilities.  As a woman, my confidence and awareness have heightened. I have confidence in knowing I can defend myself wherever I go, whatever I do, whoever comes in front of me no matter their size.
- Diane S., Union City, CA
Everything I was looking for in a school that focuses on self-defense over sport was covered in my conversation with Sifu Tandez before attending the intro classes that evening. Sure enough, in Filipino Martial Arts, Sifu Tandez covered attackers with knives and blunt weapons. Students learned what to do if they were unarmed, had improvised a weapon, or had a weapon of their own - essentially disarm and disable the attacker. If luck were not on your side, signing up for at least one month would give you more exposure to TAMA's curriculum than two intro classes. If you were fortunate like me, I'm sure you would sign up. Besides, how many schools teach JKD and FMA, have direct lineage to Bruce Lee, and is affiliated with the Inosanto Academy? Go after it when you can.
- Steven C., San Francisco, CA
TAMA teaches Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts.   You learn a LOT of different techniques at this school, and the techniques come from different martial arts  including Thai boxing, boxing, Jujitsu, Fencing, Wing Chun...the list goes on  and on.  There's also a fair amount of physical conditioning.  Everything we learn in class is meant to help us survive a street fight, and strength and speed are important to fighting. The first time I walked into the studio, i asked to just watch a class.  Sifu Adrian  invited me to join the class instead, and try it out for free. I found Sifu Adrian very easy to talk to, and the atmosphere he fosters at the schools is open, friendly and cooperative. All the students are very helpful. We definitely have fun while we're learning. I started studying partly because I wanted to learn more about Filipino culture, and to stay fit while learning new skills. Sifu Adrian is very dedicated to teaching people to defend themselves, so I am learning the importance of taking responsibility for my own safety. You should come try out a class or two.
- Francesca B., Mountain View, CA
I'm 53 and I joined in January. I had been looking for a school that was a real martial arts school, not the chain store variety. In 8 months I've made great progress at Tandez. The instruction is practical, Sifu Tandez is a great instructor. He gives personalized help when you need it, and the other students are awesome. No attitudes at this school. Just a commitment to learning useful martial arts that will get you fit. The two main styles are Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee) and Filipino Kali (Dan Inosanto). Highly effective styles. You can take a free lesson at Tandez. Check it out, especially if you are like me and always wanted to study a real martial art. Twice a week I'm excited to go there and learn, and those nights I sleep really well. A great workout!
- Greg L., Cupertino, CA
I'm not new to martial arts. When I found the Tandez Academy I was immediately hooked. I had heard of Jeet Kune Do. I have now been a student of Sifu Tandez for over a year and this is why:
1. Sifu Tandez learned directly from Dan Inosanto, not only one of Bruce Lee's closest friends but also a great martial artist himself.
2. Sifu Tandez teaches classes himself. Sifu Tandez is a great teacher, and explains the "why" in every technique.
3. Every class is different. Because JKD is a combination of many styles, one day we do grappling, the next day kicking, the next trapping... never boring and always very active.
4. Great equipment. The punch bags, the floor mat, everything is new and Sifu Tandez takes great care of his equipment and of the gym. For beginners there are gloves, etc. you can borrow during class.
5. Friendly people. Everyone I met at the gym is nice. No matter if its a beginner or someone who's been there for years, they are all welcoming and ready to work with you. For beginners, coming into a class full of people who know what they are doing can be worrisome, but not here, they will help you get started and make you feel part of the 'family'.
6. It's a great workout. Even if you are not too much into the 'martial' part of it, just coming because of the workout is worth it.
7. There's Kali! Some people only do the JKD class, but I like to stay for the class right after which is Kali. Sifu Tandez also teaches that and is a great complement to JKD or any other martial arts style. On Wednesdays is 'open gym' day, which means you can come in to practice, ask questions, and spar.
If you are looking for a great martial arts studio, then you should definitely check out Tandez Academy.
- Daniel K., San Francisco, CA

This. Is. Reality. Based. Martial. Arts.
Each day I come to practice you are always working with a partner. Time is not spent on forms or fancy movements but movements that protect yourself
and/or attack a person who is trying to hurt you.
Take your pick: Filipino Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do, Silat, and Mixed Martial Arts. The main teacher, Sifu Tandez, is very experienced and easy to approach. Each class I am surround by friendly peers and even friendlier senior students. On some days there is a lot of information to take in. Other days there is just simple, realistic drills to develop self defense. Best thing about this place is the almost family-like atmosphere of the students and the valuable, street based martial arts training you'll get.

- Adan C., Vacaville, CA

I joined this academy after researching a few places. What attracted me to this place was the fact that the training is about practical self defense and not flowery forms. In the first intro class I had the opportunity to train with senior students who were very helpful. I had no previous martial arts training and I was initially overwhelmed, but liked the
the classes and decided to stick around. The lesson progression helped to motivate me further, to get better at training, and keep complacency away, as I was constantly learning new things that kept challenging me. Four months later after attending classes regularly I have graduated to level 2. I feel better physically and mentally due to the rigorous training. This place is not for the weak of heart as there is strenous body conditioning and physical contact during training as the focus is on practical self defense. Sifu Adrian and my fellow students are very cordial and helpful.
- Carmen V., Sunnyvale, CA