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blue, navy blue, union jack
blue, navy blue, union jack


Tandez Academy of Martial Arts

1931 Old Middlefield Way, Unit C

Mountain View, CA 94043
408 373 0204


Attention Women,

Are you looking for a kickboxing/self defense academy that:

  • Offers classes that are women-friendly
  • Where there are a lot of friendly women just like you
  • Include women of different ages, shapes, sizes, & backgrounds
  • Include women with common goals and aspirations as yours
  • Include a friendly staff who will be there to support you & encourage you
  • Include a friendly staff who will help you feel better and look better than you ever had in your life?

If your answer is yes, you will LOVE
Tandez Academy!
And now YOU can try it for One Week FREE!
No obligations! No strings attached!

Benefits of Your Training at Tandez Academy:
  • Be more fit than you were in college!
  • Empower yourself!
  • Feel confident knowing you can defend yourself!
  • Fun workouts that don't feel like work!
  • Lose weight and get in shape fast!
  • Watch your body fat percentage drop quickly!
  • Have a sexy body that will make others notice you!
  • Your lover will fall in love with you all over again!
  • Your energy levels will go through the roof!
  • Experience a full body & mind transformation!
  • Feel more confident as you move forward in your life!